New Level 75+ Dungeon Enemies: Where They Are and Which Aggro  

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With all the old areas getting revised enemies and mob placements, things can feel disorienting for players who have been used to the same-old-areas for years now. Where are the new high level enemies to be found in each area? Am I going to have to re-learn where I'm safe from aggro and where I need to watch my ass again? What kinds of mobs are there? I've been wondering all these things myself so I decided to go out and see firsthand.

To view the entire post you'll have to click on read more. Most new mobs don't aggro unless they're a typical aggro type mob. For example Goblins, Skeletons, Scorpions, etc.aggro while the more usual "animal" type mobs don't aggro, (Crabs, Lizards, Bats, Leeches, Flies, etc.).

I labeled the sections "High level mobs/low level mobs", some of those old lower level mobs will still aggro a level 90 player. Don't think of this as a guide to safe versus aggro areas, it's for showing "new versus old" enemy placement. Also I didn't bother to check for resting aggro.

Areas listed are roughly in order from areas with the highest level enemies to lowest. ONLY THE MAPS THAT CONTAIN THE NEWER ENEMIES ARE SHOWN, if a zone with multiple levels and maps is not shown then that implies only old lower level enemies remain there untouched.

May 10 2011
[dev1012] Revamped Monster Placement
        Several areas will receive adjustments to monster distribution in order to cater to high-level characters.

Fei’Yin: 95-99 Balayang, Wekufes !aggros sound/hp!, Sentient Carafes !aggros magic!.

Bostaunieux Oubliette: 94-99 Blind Bat !aggros sound!, Dabilla !aggros sound/hp!, Panna Cotta !aggros sound!, Nachtmahrs !aggros sound/hp!, Wurdalaks  !aggros sight/sound!.

Toraimarai Canal: 94-99 Deviling Bat, Plunderer Crab, Blackwater Pugil, Starborer, Sodden Bones !aggros sound/hp!, Drowned Bones !aggros sound/hp!, Flume Toads, Rapier Scorpion !aggros sound!, Poroggo Excavators.

Garlaige Citadel: 91-96 Donjon Bat, Fortalice Bats, Warden Beetles, Kaboom !aggros sight/magic!.

Crawlers’ Nest: 91-96 Vespo, Dancing Jewel, Olid Funguar, King Crawler, no aggressive mobs.

The Eldieme Necropolis: 91-95 Nekros Hound !aggros sound/hp!, Hellbound Warrior !aggros sound/hp!, Hellbound Warlock !aggros sound/hp!.

Dangruf Wadi: 86-93 Fume Lizards, Witchetty Grubs, Prim Pika, Trimmer, Natty Gibbon !aggros sight!, Goblin Headsman !aggros sight!, Goblin Conjurer !aggros sight!, Goblin Bladesmith !aggros sight!, Goblin Bushwhacker !aggros sight!, Goblin Healer !aggros sight!.

Ranguemont Pass: 87-92 Bilesucker !aggros sound!, Hovering Occuli !aggros sight/sound!, Goblin Hoodoo !aggros sight!, Goblin Chaser !aggros sight!, Goblin Tanner !aggros sight!, Goblin Artificer !aggros sight!.

Gusgen Mines: 85-89 Rockmill, Madfly, Accursed Soldier !aggros sound/hp!, Accursed Sorcerer !aggros sound/hp!.

Maze of Shakhrami: 83-88 Chaser Bats, Bleeder Leech, Warren Bat, Crypterpillar, no aggressive mobs.

Ordelle’s Caves: 80-86 Buds Bunny, Targe Beetle, Bilis Leech, Swagger Spruce, no aggressive mobs.

Outer Horutoto Ruins: 81-85 Fetor Bat, Thorn Bat, Fuligo !aggros sound!

Inner Horutoto Ruins: 78-84 Troika Bats, Covin Bats, Deathwatch Beetle, Skinnymajinx !aggros sound/hp!, Goblin Trailblazer !aggros sight!, Goblin Flesher !aggros sight!, Goblin Lurcher !aggros sight!, Goblin Metallurgist !aggros sight!.

King Ranperre's Tomb: 77-83 Ossuary Worm, Ogre Bat, Bonnet Beetle, Barrow Scorpion !aggros sound!.

Zeruhn Mines: 75-80 Colliery Bats, Soot Crab, Burrower Worm, Veindigger Leech, no aggressive mobs.

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